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We are a close-knit team of technology enthusiasts with a passion for revolutionising network marketing through AI. With extensive expertise in artificial intelligence, we're on a mission to deliver personalised, efficient solutions that empower network marketers to excel. Our approach is centred on understanding the nuances of network marketing and providing tools that not only simplify complex tasks but also amplify your growth and engagement. From automating lead generation to enhancing customer interactions and optimising your marketing strategy, we're here to support your journey towards achieving remarkable success in the digital age. Let's unlock the potential of AI together, making your network marketing ventures shine brighter than ever.

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Welcome to Tokgrower, your gateway to the exhilarating world of network marketing, powered by high-tech wonders and AI innovation! Imagine stepping into a realm where every decision propels your network marketing journey forward, guided by our cutting-edge decision trees—your very own "choose your adventure" in the business landscape.

Our AI isn't just a tool; it's your savvy companion on this journey, a relentless learner dedicated to refining and optimising your strategies for unparalleled success.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! Dive into our automation slides and soar on the swings of knowledge management, transforming the mundane into sheer delight. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at your side, tedious tasks vanish, leaving you to revel in the joys of growth and engagement without the grind.

And for those seeking an exclusive experience, our personalised, one-on-one support services are your VIP pass to the pinnacle of network marketing mastery. At Tokgrower, you're not just accessing powerful tools; you're joining a community of champions, each on a quest for triumph.

Step into the vibrant world of Tokgrower, where we blend the thrill of technology with the spirit of network marketing. Here, your journey is championed, your successes celebrated, and your potential unlocked. Join us, and transform your work into an exhilarating game that you're destined to win!

Our Adventure

Once, in a world brimming with untapped potential, our team—comprised of AI aficionados, digital pioneers, and creative minds—converged around a shared dream. We observed the complex landscape of network marketing, where connecting deeply with individuals and scaling personal outreach seemed an insurmountable challenge. Inspired, we set out to bridge this gap, leveraging the transformative power of AI to redefine the network marketing experience.


At the core of our adventure lies a commitment to empower network marketers with AI-driven solutions that transcend traditional boundaries. We're not just about introducing technology; we're about integrating AI in ways that amplify your ability to connect, engage, and grow your network with unprecedented efficiency and personal touch. Our mission is to equip you with AI tools that turn every interaction into an opportunity, making the vast digital world feel like a close-knit community.


We are a mosaic of tech enthusiasts, data scientists, and marketing maestros, united under the banner of innovation for network marketing. Each of us brings a piece of the puzzle—be it in coding genius, strategic insight, or creative flair—to craft AI solutions that speak directly to the heart of network marketing challenges. Our diversity is our strength, enabling us to approach problems from multiple angles and deliver solutions that are not just effective but revolutionary.

Meet our team

Young at heart, big on AI. That's us.

AI Coder
Uesugi Suzuki
Outreach Coordinator
Gabriel Soares
Outreach Coordinator
Marius Muziks
Industry Know-how

Brimming with experience in AI tech and web development, we're all set to whip up some snazzy, cutting-edge solutions for your business.


We're all about getting to know you and your needs. Together, we'll craft a tailored AI integration plan that fits your goals and budget like a glove.

Real Deal Success

The proof's in the pudding. We've helped loads of businesses jazz up their digital presence and smooth out operations with our AI magic.

Always Got Your Back

We're in this for the long haul. As your business grows and changes, we'll be right there with you, ensuring your AI solutions deliver top-notch results.


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